Confused Words : Compliment and Complement

Confused Words Compliment and Complement in English

Common Mistakes using Compliment & Complement

Misunderstood words : Compliment and Complement

Some English words like : Compliment and Complement are often confused, misused, or used with the wrong preposition while speaking or writing English sentences. We have discussed here correct version and explanation that will help you to avoid making the same mistakes while speaking or writing English.

Confuse words Compliment and Complement

The words, ‘Compliment’ and ‘Complement’ are sometimes confused because they are pronounced the same and have very similar spellings. Both function as noun and verb, but are quite distinct in meaning. As a noun 'compliment' is an expression of praise, commendation, or admiration. A 'complement' is something that gives completeness to a thing, or makes whole.

Meaning of Compliment and Complement:

: means an expression of praise, commendation, or admiration.
: means something that gives completeness to a thing, or makes whole.

Note: Compliment and Complement both function as noun and verb.

Uses of Compliment and Complement:
'Compliment' refers to saying something nice or praising, such as you look nice this evening.

Common compliment phrases/sentences are:

"You look great!"
"You did a wonderful job!"
"That was so funny!"
"I like your T-shirt,"
"You are a good cook"
"What a good drawing!"
USES OF Compliment:
Common collections of compliment are as following:
  • • To give a compliment : To say something nice to someone.
  • • To pay a compliment : To say something nice to someone. (Formal)
  • To get a compliment : When someone says something nice to you.
  • To accept a compliment : To thank someone for a compliment.
  • To return a compliment : To compliment someone after they have complimented you.
  • A great compliment : A very nice compliment.
  • A wonderful compliment: An extremely nice compliment.
Examples using Compliment:
  • Just your being here is a compliment. (noun)
  • They complimented her on her new job. (noun)
  • She gave me a compliment on my new outfit. (noun)
  • She compliments her students all the time. (noun)
  • The boss complimented the employee on his hard work. (noun)
  • My compliments to the chef for such a wonderful meal. (noun)
  • I would like to compliment you on your new hair style. (noun)
  • Pass my compliments to your sister who’s getting married. (noun)
  • He offered a kind compliment to the chef of the restaurant. (noun)
  • When he complimented the girl on her dress, she laughed at him. (noun)
  • All drinks are complimentary. (adjective)
  • Her review was extremely complimentary. (adjective)
  • I am suspicious of her overly complimentary remarks. (adjective)
  • The food on the flight is complimentary, so eat as much as you want! (adjective)
'Complement' refers to something that makes something else perfect or complete.
USES OF Complement:
Common collections of complement are as following:
  • • To complement something well : To go well with something.
  • • To complement something perfectly : To be the perfect match for something.
  • A perfect complement for something : Something that goes perfectly with something else.
  • Mutually complementary : When two things go well with one another.
Examples using Complement:
  • Rocky and Alex complement each other. (noun)
  • These shoes complement my entire look. (noun)
  • The breakfast was served as a complement. (noun)
  • That color complements your skin beautifully. (noun)
  • The scarf was a perfect complement to her coat. (noun)
  • The two singers’ voices complemented one another. (noun)
  • Their shirt perfectly complements the color of their eyes. (noun)
  • The warm weather really complemented our day at the beach. (noun)
  • Their dresses were a perfect complement to their dancing style. (noun)
  • The cashew nuts were an excellent complement for the ice-cream. (noun)
  • Peanut butter and jelly are two complementary foods. (adjective)
  • The complementary colors in the photoshoot looked beautiful. (adjective)

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