Types of Noun

Uses of Noun in English Language

A noun is the name of a person(s), animal(s), bird(s), insect(s), place(s) or thing(s).

Nouns are divided into eight kinds according to their functions:

Common Noun
Proper Noun
Collective Noun
Abstract Noun
Countable Noun
Uncountable Noun
Material Noun
Possessive Noun
Common Noun
A common noun is a name given in common / general to people, things of the same clan/kind. eg. Boy, Man, Woman, Girl, Poet, Place, Region, Town, City, Village etc.
  • He is a clever boy.
  • He is a kind man.
  • She is a good girl.
  • It is a beautiful city.
  • That is my home Town.
  • It is a tourist place.
Proper Noun
A Proper noun is the name of some particular person(s) or place(s). eg. Tagor, Keats, Mother Teresa, Naheru, Rajiv Gandhi, Vajpai, Advani, APJ Abdul Kalam etc.
  • Ravindranath Tagor was a poet.
  • Mother Teresa was a social activist.
  • Rajiv Gandhi was P.M. of India.
  • LK Advani is a politician.
  • APJ Abul Kalam was a scientist.
  • Virat Kohli is a cricketer.
Collective Noun
A Collective Noun is the name of collection / group of persons or things of the same clan/kind. eg. Crowd, Mob, Team, Block, Herd, Fleet, Jury, Family, Nation, Parliament, Committee, Poultry, Class, School etc.
  • Mumbai Indians is an IPL Team.
  • Reliance group is No.1 in India.
  • America is a democratic Nation.
  • Many students are in class.
  • This is our school.
  • There is huge crowd in stadium.
Abstract Noun
An Abstract Noun is the name of a quality, action or state. eg. Freedom, Liberty, Thought, Honesty, Beauty, Goodness, Kindness, Childhood, Justice, Life, Truth, Sorrow etc.
  • Honesty is a good quality.
  • Beauty is to see not to crush.
  • Childhood is best the stage of life.
  • Freedom means happiness.
  • Truth gives us satisfied life.
  • Thoughts shows you way of life.
Countable Noun
A Countable Noun is the name of thing that can be counted or divided into a singular or plural. eg. Student, Book, Table, Pen, Camera, Man, Women, Writer etc.
  • Only one student got first class.
  • There are four books in my bag.
  • Submit your resume on table no.1.
  • I have two pens.
  • There is one man on top floor.
  • She is a woman who calls you.
Uncountable Noun
An Uncountable Noun is the name of a thing that cannot be counted or divided into a singular or plural. eg. Milk, Money, Rice, Ice, Coffee, Tea, Oxygen/Gases, Gold, Leather, Beauty, Truth, Loyalty, Justice, etc.
  • There is milk in this cane.
  • He has lots of money in Bank.
  • Have some more coffee in cup.
  • She bought gold from market.
  • Take some Tea.
  • He filled up gas in fuel tank.
Material Noun
A Material Noun is the name of material or substance, out of which things are made. eg. Gold, Silver, Platinum, Wood, Clay, Milk, Rice, Tea, Coffee, Ink, Water, Paper, Copper, Steel, Glass etc.
  • Ornaments are made from Gold.
  • Silver also used in some industries.
  • Furniture mostly made from wood.
  • Milk used in making tea or coffee.
  • Printing Press use Ink for printing.
  • We use water for drinking.
Possessive Noun
Possessive nouns are those nouns that show possession. Possessive Nouns are used to show ownership. eg. girl’s clothes, boy’s toys, Mary’s school, King’s castle, grandfather’s stick, king’s servants, computer’s cover, phone’s charger etc.
  • This is my daughter's clothes.
  • This is Mary's school.
  • This is my grandfather's stick.
  • They are king's servants.
  • It's your computer's cover.
  • That is Charmi's phone charger.
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