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Short Message Service - SMS
SMS words list Alphabetically
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SMS (Short Message Service) English

Short message service (SMS) is an abbreviate version of original words of English Language developed in recent years that enables cellular/ mobile phone users to send and receive text messages. Short Messages are also popular in online Social Media users for Conversation with friends and relatives on Internet. With time SMS has evolved as a brand new genre in English language and has become an integral part of the “hot trends” surrounding the language.

In the world of SMS language, words are made with the help of punctuation marks and by taking specific alphabets or numbers out of whole words or sentences. There are no set rules on how to make and use these short forms. They are born out of the imagination and understanding of the ones who seem to be using them, and gradually becomes popular among others. SMS language may seem to make things simpler or faster but can easily confuse those who are new to it or not familier with. They can also irritate people in case of official matters where they end up not taking you seriously.

Therefore, these short forms can be used when you want to save time or are having an informal conversation with a friend or an acquaintance but must be avoided while sending official messages or formal notes.

English language is ever growing and to keep pace with the changing styles and trends in the language, you also need to be aware of some of the most commonly used short forms or abbreviations in SMS.

Some examples of most common SMS words are as follows:

SMS English
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SMS word Description
 # Number
 4u For you
10Q Thank You
 2ny8/2nite Tonight
4EVER Forever
ADR Address
AEAP As Early As Possible
B4 Before
B4U Before You
BB4N Bye-Bye for Now
BMW Be My Wife
BF Boyfriend
BW Best Wishes
CU See You
CUZ/COZ Because
DIKU Do I Know You
DND Do Not Disturb
DYLM do you like me
EM Excuse Me?
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FF Friends Forever
FRM from
FWD Forward
G2G Got to Go
GF Girlfirend
GIGO Garbage in, garbage out
GR8 Great!
GTH Go To Hell
H8 hate
HAK Hugs and kisses
HAND have a nice day
HUD How You Doing?
HW Homework
I 1DR I Wonder
IC I See
ILU I Love You
IOU I owe you
KISS Keep It Simple, Stupid
KIT Keep in touch
L8 late
LOL Lots Of Love
LV love
MSG Message
NAP Not a problem
NE1 Anyone
OK All Correct
OMG Oh My God
OOO Out of office
OS Operating system
PCM Please call me
PLS please
PZA Pizza
RD Research and development
RU are you
SYS See You Soon
Thnx/Thnk u/Thnx/ty/thanq Thank you
THX, THNX Thanks
U You
UR Your / you are?
VM Voice mail
W8 Wait...
Wassup? /Wts up?/ Wtz up?/Sup? What’s up? 
XI10 Exciting
XLNT excellent
XME Excuuuuse Me
XOXO Hugs and Kisses
Y why
ZZZ Sleeping, Bored, Tired
Main Iopic See more SMS words Alphabetically
# A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z