SMS Words with Alphabet 'K'
SMS (Short Message Service) English

SMS words with alphabet letter K in English

SMS with Letter K in English

"Short message service (SMS) words

of English Language

starting with alphabet letter 'K'."

Short Messages are also popular in online Social Media users for Conversation with friends and relatives on Internet. With time SMS has evolved as a brand new genre in English language and has become an integral part of the language. They are born out of the imagination and understanding of the ones who seem to be using them, and gradually becomes popular among others. SMS language may seem to make things simpler or faster but can easily confuse those who are new to it or not familier with.

We have provided hereby most common and popular SMS word starting with alphabet letter 'K' . You also need to be aware of some of this most commonly used short forms or abbreviations in SMS.

Some most common SMS words with Letter K are as follows:

Most Popular SMS words starting with Alphabet 'K'
SMS word Description


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