Confused Words : Beside and Besides

Confused Words Beside and Besides in English

Common Mistakes using Beside & Besides

Misunderstood words : Beside and Besides

Some English words like : Beside and Besides are often confused, misused, or used with the wrong preposition while speaking or writing English sentences. We have discussed here correct version and explanation that will help you to avoid making the same mistakes while speaking or writing English.

Confuse words Beside and Besides

It is easy to confuse ‘beside’ and ‘besides’, but they are not one and the same thing. ‘Beside’ is a preposition, whereas ‘besides’ works as both a preposition and an adverb, and although ‘besides’ is sometimes used in place of ‘beside’, they have distinct meaning.

Meaning of Beside and Besides:

: indicates the location of something. or ‘next to’ or at the side of or close to something.
: means ‘in addition to’ or ‘apart from’.

Note: ‘Beside’ is a preposition, while ‘Besides’ works as both a preposition and an adverb.

Uses of Beside and Besides:
'Beside' is a preposition indicating the location of something. or ‘next to’ or at the side of or close to something.
Examples using Beside:
  • I sat down beside my friend.
  • I sat beside Jack on the bus.
  • Will you sit beside me at dinner?
  • Your books are beside the cupboard.
  • He stood beside his new bike proudly.
  • The dog ran beside the Ambulance van.
  • The book is beside the lamp on the table.
  • I feel lonely, please come and sit beside me.
  • You are sitting beside me in the maths class.
  • There was no one beside him in the cinema hall.
  • I place my cell phone beside my bed every night.
  • I wish to sit beside Salman and take a picture with him.
'Besides' as preposition means, ‘in addition to’ or ‘apart from’. When used as an adverb, it means, ‘moreover’, ‘furthermore’, ‘another thing’, ‘as well’.
Examples using Besides:
  • There is no one here besides me.
  • Jay likes all fruit besides apples.
  • I have never loved anyone besides you!
  • Besides being a writer, Pooja is a painter.
  • Maya has done nothing today besides traveling.
  • He writes novels, besides working as a journalist.
  • Besides being handsome, he is also kind and gentle.
  • What are you working on besides the research project?
  • He survived by drinking water and nothing else besides.
  • Besides the eraser, I also have a pencil, pen, and paper.
  • He wants to learn other languages besides English and French

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