English Grammar : "WH" Question Word 'When'

'wh' question word 'When' in English Grammar

"WH" Question Word : 'When'
'When' is used to ask about time, period and date.
  • • When is your meeting?
  • • When do you study at home?
  • • When is the birthday party?
  • • When is your wedding anniversary?
Uses of Question Word : 'When' (Questions with 'when')
  • When is your annual examination?
  • • When is your birthday?
  • • When is your flight / train?
  • • When will your father return from USA?
  • • When is your sister coming from Africa?
  • • When will you leave for Canada?
  • • When did you pass your Graduation?
  • • When did you meet Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam?
  • • When will you come to our house?
  • • When do you go to the library?
  • • When will you get your degree?
  • • When did we meet last?
  • • When does/did/will Radha cook?
  • • When will you finish your studies?
  • • When will I get job?
  • • When will you return my money?
  • When will he return from school?
  • • When did they go to Goa?
  • • When will you go to Goa?
  • • When did they come back from America?
  • • When did you start your business?
  • • When are you sending the money?
  • • When will you post your invoice?
  • • When does your father return home?
  • • When do you study?
  • • When will you go abroad?
  • • When do you go to see a movie?
  • • When did you come back from class?
  • • When will you buy a new car?
  • • When will you return after your holidays?
  • • When do you plan to get married?
  • • When did you start working here?
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