English Grammar : Adverbs

Types of Adverbs in English Grammar

What is Adverb?

"Adverb is a word used to add value to the verb."

'Adverbs' provide a description of when, how, where, in what manner / way and to what extent something is done or happens.

» When? : He always arrives early.
» How? : She drives carefully.
» Where? : They go everywhere together.
» In what way? : She cooks slowly.
» To what extent? : Coffee is terribly hot.

An 'adverb' is a word (s) used to add value (to tell more about verb) to the verb. It is generally written after the verb in a sentence. They add description to the sentence to make it more detailed and interesting.

  • • She danced well.
  • • He runs quickly.
  • • He sang melodiously.
  • • The puppy ran excitedly.
  • • The train moved slowly.
  • • He passed the exam easily.
  • • She look absolutely fabulous.
  • • He plays cricket extremely well.
  • • Sachin played scientific cricket.
  • • She played the gitar extremely well.

But sometimes Advebs also comes before the verb.

  • Occasionally I drink wine.
  • Suddenly I got unconscious.
  • Usually he take the bus to work.
  • • She is always late for everything.
  • Perhaps you should explain further.
  • Melodious song is sung by Arijit Singh.
  • Sometimes she wore a woollen jacket.
  • Scientific Cricket is played by Sachin.
  • • A dance was performed well by Hema Malini.
  • Unfortunately, I forgot my enterence pass.
It is difficult to find an adverb in a sentence because they are similar to adjective. To find out an adverb, we use test questions.
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