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Dear Student/visitor/reader,

You are welcome to English Mirror,

In today’s world English Language has taken a central place in all kinds of activities in our life due to globalization.

After globalization English has became a necessity to survive i.e. in most of our sphere of activities without English we cannot transact.

From a simple peon to a corporate president, they must know English to compete and excel in whatever s/he does.

Right from filling a child’s admission form in the school or opening an account in the bank or filling a passport application form or applying for a visa for studies abroad or appearing for an interview, one has to know better English Language to quote a few.

In this scenario, you have taken a right decision to learn English Language in general and Spoken English in particular.

Not only English Language but your personality also guarantees new vistas / avenues in your life and career. Therefore, along with English language you will also be guided to develop and build your personality.

We shall be with you during the learning and development process. After completion of this course many opportunities will knock on your door.

English Mirror is a free website designed to help you learn English online. It is divided into various main sections that you can navigate easily. Some of the most popular are:

How to Improve English Language,
Study English grammar,
Common Mistakes in English,
Phobias and Fear,
SMS English,
Personality Development and
English vocabulary.

English Mirror is written mainly in British English. But we have pages about other varieties of English such as American or Canadian. Don't be surprised if you see a word that you think is wrongly spelled! Some words are spelled differently in British English and American English. "Colour", for example, is British English. In American English it is "color". We try to make this clear when it is important.

English Mirror is free. And English Mirror is totally independent - unaffiliated to any other language organisation.

Please feel free to use it in any way you wish to learn English.

We wish you all the best for your success in future.

Good Luck!

Yours sincerely,

Nailesh, Founder
English Mirror



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