English Grammar : Adverbs of duration or period

Uses of Adverbs of duration or period in English Grammar

What is Adverbs of duration or period?

"Adverbs of duration is used to say that an event or situation is continuing, stopping, or is not happening at the moment."

Adverbs of duration show us the length of the action or state.

Adverbs of duration tell us how long something happened. (The test questions are How long? or since when? or up to what?).

» The test question 'How long?' : I am here in Mumbai till Sunday.

» The test question 'Since when?' : I came here to Mumbai last night.

» The test question 'Up to what?' : True friendship lasts forever.
Adverbs of Duration / Period are:
since, from, till, next, for, last, still, yet, already, coming, no more, any more, long, no longer, any longer, briefly, forever, shortly, permanently, temporarily etc.
Uses of Adverb of duration or period (Examples):
  • • I came here last night.
  • • She still lives in Mumbai.
  • • I will be forever grateful.
  • • They were briefly occupied.
  • • Rohan was already in School.
  • • I am not going to play any more.
  • • I no longer work for that company.
  • • His lungs are permanently damaged.
  • • I have no more time to waste here.
  • • It has been raining since morning.
  • • We didn't stay long at the meeting.
  • • There was no news of him for a year.
  • • We haven't got the entry passes yet.
  • • The phone was temporarily out of order.
  • • I wish him all the best in the coming week.
  • • I will shortly send you the proper address.
  • • He wanted the job, but he couldn't wait any longer.
  • • There was no light in the whole city till 10 o'clock.
  • • The examinations will be held from March 10 to March 30.
  • • He is retiring next year after 35 years with the company.
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