English Grammar : Demonstrative Pronouns

Demonstrative Pronouns in English Grammar

What Are Demonstrative Pronouns?

"Demonstrative Pronouns are used to show or identify one or a number of nouns that may be far or near in distance or time."

Demonstrative Pronoun is a word that replaces a noun to refer to specific people or things that have been previously mentioned. The function of a demonstrative pronoun is to point out the location and time of objects or persons in a description. Here are six Demonstrative Pronouns:

Singular (1) this, (2) that, (3) such, (4) one
Plural (5) these, (6) those

'This' and 'That' are singular demonstrative pronouns and 'These' and 'Those' are plural demonstrative pronouns. They can also be used to show an unspecified quantity in a sentence.

  • Is this your pen? ('This' means for this pen)
  • • That is my sister. ('That' stands for my sister)
  • • These are sweet fruits. ('These' stands for these sweet fruits)
  • • Those are our houses. ('Those' stands for our houses)
  • I have won again. Such is my destiny. ('Such' stands for I have won again.)
  • She wanted to catch the flight. That is why she took a taxi. ('That' stands for she wanted to catch the flight)
  • Do you like this house?. I liked the other one. ('One' stands for the other house and not this house)
Uses of Demonstrative Pronouns.
  • • This is crazy!
  • • This is very yummy!
  • • That is not mine.
  • I would like those, please.
  • Could you hand me that?
  • • Those belong to Sachin.
  • Could you help me move these?
  • • These are the most comfortable.
  • I am not sure that is how you do it.
  • Is that yours?
  • Bring me those.
  • Are those your shoes?
  • • There is no end to this.
  • • That was such a wonderful experience.
  • • This is my father’s suit.
  • Please give me one of those.
  • • These are nice-looking.
  • • This was my mother’s ring.
Difference between Demonstrative Pronoun and Demonstrative Adjective.
  • • This is my pen. (This stands for this pen) therefore demonstrative pronoun)
  • • This pen is mine. (This qualifies the noun pen and, therefore, demonstrative adjective)
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