English Grammar : Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogative Pronouns in English Grammar

What Are Interrogative Pronouns?

"Interrogative Pronouns are question words used to enquire (ask questions) about person or thing that we do not know about."

The word ‘interrogate’ means to ask question. An interrogative pronoun is used when asking questions. It take the place of subject or object in the sentence. Interrogative pronouns allow us to build a question around the thing that the pronoun refers to.

There are five main interrogative pronouns:

(1) What, (2) Who (3) Whom, (4) Which and (5) Whose.

(1) Use of 'What' :

'What' – Used to ask questions about people or objects.
  • • What do you want for dinner?
  • I wonder what we’re doing tomorrow.
  • • What is your friend’s name?
  • • What time are we supposed to be there?

(2) Use of 'Who':

'Who' – Used to ask questions about people.
  • • Who is that?
  • • Who was driving the car?
  • • Who is going to take out the trash?
  • I’m wondering who will be at the party.

(3) Use of 'Whom':

'Whom' – Used to ask questions about people. This interrogative pronoun is rarely seen these days.
  • • Whom did you speak to?
  • • Whom do you live with?
  • You should ask whom to call.
  • Whom do you prefer to vote for?

(4) Use of 'Which':

'Which' – Used to ask questions about people or objects.
  • • Which color do you prefer?
  • • Which seat would you like?
  • She asked which train to take.
  • • Which of these ladies is your mother?

(5) Use of 'Whose':

'Whose' – Used to ask questions about people or objects, always related to possession.
  • • Whose phone is that?
  • Whose sweater is this?
  • • Whose parents are those?
  • I wonder whose dog knocked our garbage can over.
Uses of Interrogative Pronouns with suffix –ever or suffix –soever.

In some cases, interrogative pronouns take on the suffix –ever. A few can also take on the old-fashioned suffix –soever, which is rarely seen in writing these days.

Use of Whoever, Whatever, Whichever, Whomever and Whosever:
  • • Whoever would want to do such a nasty thing?
  • • Whatever did he say to make her cry like that?
  • They're all fantastic! Whichever will you choose?
  • Can you deal with whomever you want?
  • • Whosever will win, do you think?
Use of Whosoever, Whatsoever and Whomsoever:
  • Can they transfer or share the contract with whosoever they choose?
  • • Whatsoever do you mean by that?
  • Is parent gave her freedom? to whomsoever she choose?
Examples of Interrogative Pronouns
  • • What is the time?
  • • What do you want?
  • • What is your favorite color?
  • • What do you want for your birthday?
  • • What did you do when the electricity failed?
  • • Who writes poem?
  • • Who wrote this letter?
  • • Who called last night?
  • • Who is the best cricketer in the world?
  • • Who do you think will win the playoff game?
  • With whom do you agree?
  • To whom are you speaking?
  • • Whom do you want to talk to?
  • • Whom do I ask for at the desk?
  • • Whom were you speaking with last night?
  • • Which keys are yours?
  • • Which book do you want?
  • • Which actor do you like most?
  • • Which of these two do you prefer?
  • • Which shirt do you think looks better on me?
  • • Whose book was that?
  • • Whose shirt is this?
  • • Whose watch is this?
  • • Whose socks are those?
  • • Whose company you like?
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