Types of Sentences in English

Types of Sentence(s)

Basically there are Six kinds of sentences:

1. Statement (Affirmative / Negative)
2. Interrogative (Questions)
3. Imperative (Commands/Orders, Requests, Suggestions)
4. Exclamatory (Express-Anger, Fear, Joy, Surprise)
5. Illative (Express a strong desire or hope)
6. Doubt Indicating (Possibility)

(1) Statement: which gives facts or describes events. It could be affirmative OR negative.
Affirmative / Positive
  • The Sun rises in the East.
  • Peacock is our national bird.
  • Tsunami killed lacs of people.
  • The sun does not rise in the East.
  • A tiger doesn’t eat grass.
  • I am not feeling well.
(2) Interrogative (Questions)
  • When will you go to USA?
  • What is your name?
  • Is Air India our National Airline?
  • Was the movie enjoyable?
(3) Imperative (Commands/Orders, Requests, Suggestions)
  • Attention! (for Army / Police )
  • Shut up!
  • Please give me the book.
  • Lets go for a walk.
(4) Exclamatory (Express-Anger, Fear, Joy, Surprise)
  • You stupid, shut up!
  • Oh! It’s a snake.
  • How lucky I am!
  • Oops! I lost my keys again.
  • Uff! Such Costly Ants.
  • Phew! It’s over.
  • Oh my God! I forgot to send SMS.
  • -
(5) Illative Sentence
  • I wish I had a car.
  • I wish I had more friends.
  • I wish I spoke English.
(6) Doubt Indicating Sentence
  • I may go to London.
  • She may come.
  • I may stand for election.
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