Confused Words : Aesthetic and Ascetic

Confused Words Aesthetic and Ascetic in English

Common Mistakes using Aesthetic & Ascetic

Misunderstood words : Aesthetic and Ascetic

Some English words like : Aesthetic and Ascetic are often confused, misused, or used with the wrong preposition while speaking or writing English sentences. We have discussed here correct version and explanation that will help you to avoid making the same mistakes while speaking or writing English.

Confuse words Aesthetic and Ascetic

The words, 'Aesthetic' and 'Ascetic' are having different meaning. 'Aesthetic' is concerned with the appreciation of beauty. while 'Ascetic' refers to strict self- discipline especially for religious reasons and abstention from all kinds of indulgence. Both words come from Greek, but their roots are separate.

Meaning of Aesthetic and Ascetic:

: concerned with "beauty or the appreciation of beauty."
: refers to a person who practices such "self-discipline for religious reasons."

Note: Aesthetic and Ascetic both are Adjectives and also used as Noun too.

Uses of Aesthetic and Ascetic:
'Aesthetic' means a set of principles concerning the work of a particular artist or his work. It is concerned with beauty or the appreciation of beauty.
Examples using Aesthetic:
  • Greek philosophy derives highly from aesthetics.
  • I think this room is very aesthetic.
  • The pictures give great aesthetic pleasure.
  • I love the aesthetically pleasing colors of the sunset.
  • He was dressed aesthetic, which no one had seen before.
  • That designer’s clothes usually have an aesthetic quality.
  • The law applies to both functional and aesthetic objects.
  • Japanese culture exhibits a distinctive aesthetic relationship to nature.
  • The website has a clean aesthetic, making it easy to navigate.
  • While buying a house, one should keep the aesthetic elements of design in mind.
  • The painting had a certain aesthetic to it that made the viewers pause for a moment.
  • The garden has a natural aesthetic, with a mix of wildflowers and native plants.
'Ascetic' which refers to strict self- discipline and abstention from all kinds of indulgence, especially for religious reasons.
Examples using Ascetic:
  • He lived an ascetic life.
  • She is the most ascetic nun among all.
  • Ascetic practices are followed deeply in Buddhism.
  • Joy now became ascetic in his diet and training.
  • The artist’s ascetic lifestyle allowed him to focus on his work.
  • He gradually became an ascetic, with a large number of followers.
  • I lived an ascetic lifestyle, eating mainly on bananas and bread

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